Africa’s First Humanist Wedding?

Humanist, Leo Igwe, writes how he was asked to officiate at the Ghanaian humanist wedding of Becca and Charles who met through the Humanist Association of Ghana.
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About Graham Knight

I was a music teacher in a college in London. I became allergic to my culture and disillusioned with the decline of the education system. I came to Ghana and thought I had arrived in paradise. Then I noticed the cracks, learnt to value things about my own culture again and also form a more balanced view of that life. Unexpected events have led me back to the UK again.

3 responses to “Africa’s First Humanist Wedding?”

  1. Gea Meijers says :

    Congrats to Becca and Charles! In the name of Leo we have now also a humanist wedding officer in West Africa!

  2. Chris Highland says :

    Wonderful, hopeful story. Happiness to the couple!

  3. joe says :

    i hope you have a nice marriage!!!!

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