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The Fallacy that Non-Believers are Immoral

In Ghana, religious belief is something that is almost instinctive in the way one might put on a pair of underpants. Like pants, it is rarely questioned whether the item should be worn or whether the correct version has been purchased beyond how fashionable one’s brand looks to one’s peers. It is assumed that the sheer holding of religious belief must be normal and correct.

However, despite this complete lack of thought, need for intellectual rigour or consideration of deep philosophical questions, the believer is automatically assumed to be moral merely for holding the belief. Not only that, it is considered a prerequisite for morality. Read More…


Guidelines for Ethical Living

This beautiful text was sent to me by its author, Arthur Dobrin, who has allowed me to republish it here. He has a blog.

Do no harm to the earth, for she is your mother.

Being is more important than having.

Never promote yourself at another’s expense.

Hold life sacred; treat it with Read More…

Religion and Morality

Believers often claim that their religion is necessary for morality. Obviously this is not the case as most people are good, decent people whether they believe in gods or not. Actually, non-believers get their morals from the same place as believers: human compassion and empathy. Christians, for example, do not get decent morals from the Bible as they claim to. How do I know this? Because Read More…

Morality and Humanism

Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass

How are we Moral?

The belief that religion is essential for morality is a point that seems so obvious it is never questioned. We believe that religious schools teach good moral values and we ensure our children attend church and Sunday school for the same reason. To be “God fearing” is seen as a positive attribute that we instill into children. Religious texts seem to contain so many moral teachings that no one would dispute this.

Religion is highly important to Ghanaians and Ghana is a very religious country; yet why do people complain that morality is on the decline? Read More…