Our Aims

We believe in building a society based on human dignity, compassion for all life and ethical values. We believe human beings have a right to determine their own lives and to find meaning based on human relationships and reason.

  • To promote an ethical life based on reason and human values.
  • To support human rights in the belief that all people are worthy of respect as long as they are not infringing on the rights or well-being of others.
  • To promote science and critical thinking as the primary ways to understand the world.
  • To transcend divisive loyalties based on race, religion, gender, politics, nationality, class and ethnicity.
  • To support an open, pluralistic and diverse society.
  • To support our secular state that guarantees freedom of religion for all.
  • To provide a support network for those who have no religious beliefs or wish to question their own received assumptions
  • To work with all individuals and organisations with whom we share common concerns.
  • To promote the separation of religion and state

8 responses to “Our Aims”

  1. Jan Bontje, freethinker and humanist from the Netherlands says :

    I wish you succes in your struggle for humanist values in your country.

  2. Bob Evans- Ferney, France says :

    Congratulations on setting up your site. And best wishes in your struggle against all forms of superstition in Ghana.

  3. Andreas Leber says :

    I know Ghana a bit from my further girl-friend, who came from Tema. I visited the country and liked it a lot. I am am member of the German Giordano Bruno Foundation, which promotes the Evolutionary Humanism.

    I wish you and your efforts a great success! Ghana unfortunately is full with those evangelical churches, and it is a pleasure to see that there is an alternative there, too!

    Wonderful, thanks a lot for your efforts!

  4. Femi Akomolafe says :

    Thanks for the initiative, I surely will attend to lend my FULL support.

  5. Loretta afrifa donkor says :

    To transcend divisive loyalties based on race religion gender nationality politics class and ethnicity….. You left out sexual prefernce

  6. cyrilbutler says :

    Best of luck guys. I am following your blog.

  7. Papa Yaw Asabere says :

    Just saw this site today out of curiosity and I am really pleased that there is something already going on against the many superstitions that has trapped our beloved country. I hope to be part and render my services for the next generation when i do return to Ghana. Greetings and may the force be with you.

  8. peter boateng says :

    I am very much enthused to have finally subsribed ti your association . I hold a degree in political science and a naster of arts in human rights. A resident in Sunyani and a teacher in ghana. I have been motivated strongly by your aims and objectives which resonate very well with the universal declaration of human rights.

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