Reality, Anxiety and False Idols

In Ghana, it is common to hear the phrase, “We’re suffering oo”. It’s almost undoubtedly caused by the realities of living but also by a perception that life is better outside the country.

Like people all over the world, we believe that if only there was more money, a better government, or if we owned more ‘stuff’, that we’d experience a sense of completeness and suffering would be alleviated. Read More…


Report from the International Humanist Conference, Accra, 2012

Over 55 people attended Ghana’s first ever international humanist conference at the SNITT Guesthouse, Accra, including participants from Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia and the Netherlands.

It was organised by the Humanist Association of Ghana (HAG) and the International Humanist and Ethical Youth Organisation (IHEYO), who sponsored the event.

After opening addresses from Gea Meijers (IHEYO) and Daniel Addae (HAG), Leo Igwe delivered his presentation on The Necessity of Humanism in Africa – Leo drawing on his experience as ex-President of the Nigerian Humanist Movement and his anti-witchcraft campaigns. He noted that it is not the socio-economic conditions in Africa that make humanism impossible, but it is those conditions that make it necessary. Read More…

The Fallacy that Non-Believers are Immoral

In Ghana, religious belief is something that is almost instinctive in the way one might put on a pair of underpants. Like pants, it is rarely questioned whether the item should be worn or whether the correct version has been purchased beyond how fashionable one’s brand looks to one’s peers. It is assumed that the sheer holding of religious belief must be normal and correct.

However, despite this complete lack of thought, need for intellectual rigour or consideration of deep philosophical questions, the believer is automatically assumed to be moral merely for holding the belief. Not only that, it is considered a prerequisite for morality. Read More…

Why I Am A Rationalist

This is an article by one of our Nigerian humanist friends Dr Jide Akeredolu

A RATIONALIST is someone whose worldview is guided by reason. He refuses to swallow any idea or dogma that does not make sense. He critically examines any idea presented to him and takes what can stand scrutiny and discards the rest. Or he just suspends judgment until more information is available to make a judgment. There are seven major reasons why I am grateful I am a rationalist rather than a religious believer. Read More…

Overcoming the Limits of Fundamentalism

In Ghana there are two broad categories of Christianity. The first are the orthodox denominations (mainstream Catholicism, Anglicanism, etc.) and the second are the Charismatics (or evangelicals).

The charismatics are the new churches which preach a version of Christianity that sees every word in the bible as literally true. They are also fundamentalists in that they do not see truth as mind expanding but as a set of beliefs that everyone must subscribe to. Read More…

Ghana’s Teachers Must Teach Not Preach

Ghana’s Vice President John Dramani Mahama has asked teachers to teach the curriculum and not form unofficial “churches”.

These teachers are exploiting their students by using them as fodder to build their businesses, which Mahama diplomatically calls an “unhelpful habit”.  I would call it Read More…

The Old Testament Laws Are Not Defunct

So many Christians nowadays claim that the Old Testament is defunct, for Jesus was the “lamb” to clear away its rules and regulations. This is just another scapegoat that Christians use to ignore the atrocities and bizarre laws commanded by their god. Their preachers spoon feed them that the Old Testament is no longer binding so that they can excuse the majority of evil that the bible promotes. Christians manipulate the scriptures so that they can assign a kinder nature to their God. Read More…

Guidelines for Ethical Living

This beautiful text was sent to me by its author, Arthur Dobrin, who has allowed me to republish it here. He has a blog.

Do no harm to the earth, for she is your mother.

Being is more important than having.

Never promote yourself at another’s expense.

Hold life sacred; treat it with Read More…

Freethinkers Ghana Meeting 9 June 2012

Saturday, June 09, 2012

The Ghana Freethinkers met — a small group of young smart individuals questioning that which has been fed them since childhood.

The group comprised downright atheists, agnostics, skeptics and freethinkers. Seriously, until very recently, I found it hard imagining that there were Ghanaians residents in Ghana who expressed such world views as myself. Read More…

Religion and Morality

Believers often claim that their religion is necessary for morality. Obviously this is not the case as most people are good, decent people whether they believe in gods or not. Actually, non-believers get their morals from the same place as believers: human compassion and empathy. Christians, for example, do not get decent morals from the Bible as they claim to. How do I know this? Because Read More…